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on Jun 09. 06 , Posted in Leadership

“UK Manufacturing growth threatened by skills shortage” screeches the boringly repetitive and lazy headline. I keep seeing this story and I take issue with it for a number of reasons. Firstly, it usually involves the directors of major corporations blaming universities, politicians and even prospective employees themselves, for their organisation’s failings, i.e. a lack of […]

on Apr 25. 04 , Posted in Supply Chain

Having tracked Marks & Spencer’s (M&S) recent sales decline with interest I found Marc Bolland’s (M&S Chief Executive) reaction to his organisation’s under performance perplexing. In this article I will examine his response, the underlying issues behind M&S’s recent results and propose where I believe Marc should be focused instead. Where has it all gone […]

on Apr 25. 04 , Posted in Project Management

Far too often we hear in the news of high profile projects being delivered over budget or late, or more commonly both. I have been lucky enough to witness firsthand how projects are managed at multi-national car manufacturers, Formula 1 teams, construction contractors, software developers large and small and they all consistently struggled to deliver […]

on Apr 25. 04 , Posted in Leadership

Competition in the corporate world is not always good and isn’t even the reason for superior performance. Better performance comes from better collaboration which is SOMETIMES inspired by the challenge of competition. In many contexts competition is actually divisive as it directly hinders better collaboration between staff, customers and suppliers. REALLY? Growing up in the […]

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